Ravana Aviation Research & Development Division (RAR&DD) has been established in the year 2012 in Sri Lanka.  RAR&DD is not just the research platform; this platform is the Post Processule Research platform.

RAR&DD is a subsidiary of Ravana Aviation Academy of Sri Lanka, which is providing professional aviation education and has planned to conduct professional lecture series on ancient aviation and related direct and indirect ancient concepts and technologies of the world.

You will be getting a valuable opportunity to gain your knowledge and upgrade yourself by attending the RAR&DD routine and special lectures arranged by yourself.  All the lectures or discussions have been published on this website.

UFO & Vimana Online Global Conference and Research Paper Forum, which was planned for last year, has been launched in parallel to RAR&DD’s discussion and unique lecture series are being held.

Every year in the month of May, RAR&DD hosts the UFO & Vimana Online Global Conference and Research Paper Forum. There is a fantastic opportunity for scholars from all over the world to attend this big event and collaborate with one another to obtain knowledge and submit their research paperwork. The U&V conference and research paper submission form will be held online, with online presentations, meet the Editor, Doctoral Colloquium, and Webinar Keynote talks.